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Musicbox Superhero

A poetic retelling of a nuclear disaster

Meet Cornelius
16 December
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aesthetics, africa, aladin, amalie, anastasia, art, atlas shrugged, autumn, ayn rand, books, bubbles, buddha, cameras, camp, camping, canada, candles, capture the flag, cheese, cheese and pinapple pizza, chinese, chocolate, climbing trees, clouds, coffee shops, concerts, controversial issues, cross country, dagny taggart, debates, dinosaurs, disillusionment, disney movies, donkeys, dorky, duality, edgar alen poe, editing, ee cummings, eeeeeee, emerson, equador, exploring creeks, fight club, finger painting, fire, five iron frenzy, friends, fun, german, goats, growing pains, guitars, harriet the spy, hiking, hippies, i love you, intellectually curious, islands, jane austen, jars of clay, john gault, journalism, journals, juggling, jumping in rain puddles, kaleidescopes, karate, kayaking, lakes, latin, laughing, llama, long conversations, lucky charms, macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes, mellows, metacognition, mike seaver, monkeys, mornings, mountains, mozambique, music, nature, new zeland, ninja turtles, objectivism, oceans, october, orange, oscar wilde, outdoorsy stuff, oxymorons, painting, penguins, pez dispensers, philosophy, photography, pineapple orange banana juice, pirates, poetry, pudding fights, rain, randomness, reading, red hot chili peppers, rilo kiley, running, salute your shorts, sharp top cove, sleep, squad five 0, stalkers, starbucks, stars, stupid people, sunsets, swahili, swings, switchfoot, t.s. eliot, tackling people, taoism, tennis, the beatles, the buffalo song, the juliana theory, they might be giants, thrift stores, trampolines, trees, undercover spies, vacation, vegetarian, waffle house, watching stars, waterfalls, wind, windy gap, words, work crew, writing, young life, zimbabwe, zipline